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WAV Files Splitter

A python Tool to Quick splite Poly Wav Files into Mono Wav File by ffmpeg, also copy the meta data from origin files

Shouyu's Personal Project

Shouyu Work As:


What it do:

  1. Correct the name-convention of the file export from Mocap Stage:

  2. Split each channels in a poly .wav file to different mono .wav files, also add their channel name to the file name

  3. Copy the metadata from the master file into sperate files.(include TimeCode and time reference)

  4. Export the files splitted to any folder in your PC

  5. (Optional) Add a prefix for exporter files

How to use:
-1. Double Click the AudioSpliter.bat file to run the tool


-2. Choose the file you would like to split, you can drag and drop them into the list:


-3. Set a prefix of the files(Optional)

-4. Set a export path:


-5. Click the Split Wav file button, and you can see the output log in the tool,go the the folder that you exported and check the files:

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