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Unreal Shot Export and Publish Tool

A tool for Unreal shot to export fbx to local drive and publish to to P4V and ShotGrid

Shouyu's Personal Project

Shouyu Work As:


Go to the shot(Sequence) that you would like to export and publish, right click them. Then Click the Export&Publish this Shots button(You can do muti-selection or just one)


You will see a pop up dialog which look like this:


Set up the option that you would like to use, this tool will auto fill the workspace section if you already connect your Unreal project with P4V. If you are not connect them, the workspace field will be empty and you can select the workspace you need. Also this tool will split a sequence to Three different fbx files:
-Animation files
-Static Mesh files
-Camera BP


After you choose the Files to export and find the local directory you want to save, you can type the Export button to exec the script action, after uploading, you can see a dialog to say everything done:


Then you can find your file on both P4V and ShotGrid:

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